In the modern world, the importance of private security is becoming increasingly evident. Private and personal protection services provide an efficient means of safeguarding against criminal attacks, protection of your valuable assets, and is especially important when it comes to the safety of our loved ones. Private security services provide an effective way to ensure business executives and people of interest feel secure and confident when they are moving about and are exposed to risk.




Security specialists trained to provide protection to VIP's from physical harm and any potential threats. Hire one of our security agents to accompany you in public and private settings. Our operatives provide that extra layer of safety, a physical barrier between you and any potential danger. Our Highly Skilled Bodyguards can provide personal security and conduct full risk security assessments. They are trained in self-defense are certified & proficient in First Aid and Emergency response.

Executive Protection

Tailored Services for high-profile individuals, and VIPs requiring personal and asset protection from harm and potential threats. Hire bodyguards or close protection teams for protection in public and private settings, We provide security and transportation, conduct risk assessments, and are trained in First Aid and emergency response. Let us provide a safe and secure environment while you are conducting your business or personal activities.

Residential Security

Our Services include:
Physical security measures such as locks, alarms, cameras, and gates.
Regular security patrols by bodyguards or security personnel. Access control systems to restrict entry to authorized personnel only.
Emergency response plans to ensure the safety of the occupants in case of a security breach or threat. Threat assessments and risk management strategies to identify potential threats and implement preventative measures.
Integration with local law enforcement agencies for prompt response in case of any emergency. The specific measures used to provide residential security will depend on the individual needs and concerns of the occupants, as well as the size and layout of the residence.