Due to the nature of modern business and its need to always be accessible to a large employee base, whilst remaining private and anonymous when conducting its operations and working with sensitive data across multiple technical systems, networks and devices, there will always be new ways to exploit the rapidly evolving digital architecture.

The scary truth is that:

Most businesses have little to no security and are unknowingly vulnerable to even low to moderately skilled cyber criminals who seek to gain access to your business by taking advantage of exploit kits and open doors.

100% Total cyber security has always eluded those who sought to provide it and is proven time again to be an impossibility.

With that being said, that does not mean you cannot protect the things that are important to you.

The goal of an effective cyber security strategy is to provide your business with the ability to function within acceptable levels of risk

By mitigating the risks and ensuring you have implemented an adequate cyber security strategy, which adopts current intelligent protection measures and by regularly ensuring your systems and security measures are up to date, you can distribute the trust and dramatically reduce your risk of intrusion and achieve a high level of data security.



Remains an invaluable asset to cyber criminals and is and essential element of many cyber crimes.


Prevention through Education


All cyber attacks employ an element of deception and secrecy which the scam or cyber attack relies upon for it’s success.

By regularly having briefings and staying informed by reading reports on current cyber attack methodology greatly reduces the chance you will fall victim to common tactics and various phishing techniques employed by cyber criminals to steal your information and gain access to your system.

Providing this information in entertaining and concise formats such as short videos to employees will help dramatically reduce the risk of a business network system intrusion.

Whilst it is important to ensure that you have taken all necessary precautions against known threats and vulnerabilities by utilizing the latest cyber security techniques, threat detection and utility patches to maintain a high level of protection.

It is equally as important to ensure you have an adequate and effective digital security strategy in place, in the event of an unknown threat or ZERO DAY.

Cyber security begins with an asset analysis and strategy formulation around the security needs of those assets. Cyber Security is about technology, implementing processes and taking action.


Risk Assessment

Identify your security risks.

 Consider the threats, vulnerabilities and consequences to your  business assets,

We provide reporting, advice and tailor made security control measures.